Privacy & Confidentiality Agreement


No confidential information obtained from Fishbowl VR may be shared publicly.

What's confidential information?

It's all content such as video, application binaries, and other content including anything written or said to each-other in a phone call, chat window, email or by any other method including smoke signals and telepathy. It might relate to a project, be about our businesses or something technical like a password. Nothing's excluded. If we share it, it's covered.

What are your responsibilities?

You agree to keep shared information to yourself and won't use it except for the reason it was shared. You agree to take every step to make sure it stays confidential to keep confidential information safe and secure. This includes keeping files, access to online systems and any user names and passwords in such a way that they can't fall into the wrong hands.

If you think that there's even a possibility that any confidential information might have been compromised, you agree to tell Fishbowl VR right away so we can take all necessary steps to protect our clients. You also agree to help resolve any problems that might arise if confidential information is compromised.

How long does this agreement last?

This agreement lasts until such time that any confidential information is publicly released by Fishbowl VR or one of its clients.